2019 VBS 夏令营 – 神的创作, 恐龙, 太阳系

欢迎弟兄姐妹踊跃为小朋友报名参加2019 HOC3 VBS 夏令营 – 神的创作, 恐龙, 太阳系 (Christian Science Camp,Dinosaur and the Solar System)。

Guest Speaker – Mr. Russ Glenn (a.k.a. Mr. Science)
Mr. Glenn is a theology major, Christian Ed minor, game inventor, Creation Science teacher, …… camp, school speaker. His motto “true science, in contrast to evolutionary philosophy, always support the bible.”

  • Intriguing Science project
  • Interesting Crafts
  • Creative Games
  • Worship Songs

Children: 1st Grade to 5th Grade (completed by Summer 2019)

Address: Home of Christ 3, 4248 Solar Way, Fremont

Date: June 17 to June 21

Time: 9 am to 3pm ($150 per child, Siblings $130 per child)
Extended care: 3pm to 6pm ($50 per child)
Includes lunch, T-shirt and project/craft materials

Register by: April 21, 2019

Registration: 名额已满,  不接受报名。.

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